Creator, God

Even our best attempts to imagine the power on display at the Creation of the world will fall incredibly short because we lack the capability to understand something outside of our experience. As human beings we only have the ability to study what we observe right in front of us and cannot fathom the moment everything we see came into existence. It was a mightier power than any storm, waterfall, or earthquake. It was more precise as any computer, surgery, or work of art. At the hand of God all the wonders of the earth and the heavens came into existence, intricately woven together in full majesty all for the glorious worship of God. Among the comparison in Jeremiah chapter 10 we find that nobody or nothing else can rightfully claim the act of creation as their own and in knowing this we see yet more evidence supporting verse 6’s claim, “There is none like you, O Lord”.

Let’s be honest, nothing else we make a habit of worshiping in our hearts is worthy of this effort. All our time, all our skills or gifts, and even our resources fully and rightfully belong to the Creator of heaven and earth. It is an honor to bring these things to Him as often as we do in our humble worship. Come let us bow down before our Maker and begin asking Him what do YOU want with these things you have given me? Instead of how can I use what I have to make a name for myself? -Pastor Andrew

Truth by Comparison

I hope we are challenged even today by the three symptoms given last week of a circumcised heart, namely, humble repentance of our wrongdoing, seeing God for who He is and desiring further growth in Him, and the Holy Spirit’s leading work in obeying God’s voice and commands. Jeremiah continues to teach us the Truth and chooses to do so in Chapter 10 through comparison between the false god’s of the Nations and the One True God of Israel. When our hearts truly have been given to God there is no room for any other object of our worship and when we look at the Truth the comparison of these false gods with our One True God there appears to be zero reason any of us should desire to place our worship on anything else. Yet even still all too often we are distracted by the waves crashing around our attempt to walk on water towards Jesus and the allure of the shiny objects of this world that catch our eye that we attempt to squeeze some other “god” in our hearts next to the active, wise, alive, and all powerful Creator of the universe. I pray the Truth from the comparison out of Jeremiah 10:1-10 will be just what we need to awake us to the fact that we are guilty this morning and cause a great surrender during this time when we need it most to once again circumcise our hearts to our Almighty God. -Pastor Andrew

A Life On Mission

There is still one more “symptom” of a circumcised heart we must discuss this morning and it comes at a God appointed time. The heart that understands who God is and what He has done for it will be focused and committed to accomplishing what God has wanted from that heart from the beginning. I believe the heart that is circumcised as we have been talking about in Jeremiah would believe that there is nothing more important to accomplish in life than what God desires to see happen. God has not been quiet or secretive about what He desires to be accomplished. He has been up front and clear about his mission and goal for our lives. I trust that we will see this mission for what it is today, namely, not optional, not burdensome or intimidating, not inconvenient, but instead it is the only avenue that leads to True meaning in life. God’s mission is self-satisfying and joyful as we are carried along in it by the Holy Spirit. We have found this to be true this week in our Vacation Bible School at Heller park. All God is looking for is heart that is obedient and open from its transforming circumcision and He has a tendency to take care of the rest. Oh that we would pray for God to awaken and transform our hearts in this manner so we can begin to live with His Kingdom as our goal and prize -Pastor Andrew

Symptoms of a Circumcised Heart

If you will remember back in Jeremiah chapter 4, in the middle of a His calling for repentance God pleads with His people to “circumcise themselves to the Lord” and “remove the foreskin of your hearts”. Even at this point in the Old Testament God is making clear to His people that His people are defined not through outward religious practices but rather the internal transformation of all that we desire, are motivated by, and long to see take place, the changing of our heart from death to life. Therefore the last verse of chapter 9 states that the ones who are merely circumcised in the flesh, in other words, the ones whose hearts are not transformed in this way, will be punished along the same lines as those who are uncircumcised at all. God’s Word does not leave us to our own effort in understanding what it means to have a circumcised heart. God gives us a clear indication of the symptoms of a circumcised heart and I believe He would desire we challenge our understanding of the condition of our hearts with these symptoms with the goal of being completely honest before Him. I pray we would be convicted if our relationship with God is merely customs and religious expressions instead of transforming acts from a circumcised heart. -Pastor Andrew

Everything Praiseworthy is From God

Perhaps you have begun to feel the weight of the Truth that has been spoken so far in Jeremiah’s prophesy. Truly understanding even something as simplistic as mourning being the proper response to the separation from God caused by our sin is significant enough to change the way we live. I believe what follows in verses 23-24 of chapter 9 are verses intended to get to the depths of the weight of all this Truth that has been shared. As God reigns we are His creation and as such we will never be greater than the Creator. Every praiseworthy and good thing we possess originated in and was given by our Creator God. Even deeper is the Truth that we did nothing to deserve or warrant these gifts from Him. We must be convinced that the greatest of praiseworthy things possible in our lives is our knowledge and understanding of God as He says He is. To the degree we have this we also have Truth. The more Truth we have the more we understand nothing else in this world matters in comparison. At the end of the day the only thing that will matter is the condition of our hearts. In this day nothing else will be of any importance, including for these Jews, their physical circumcision which fulfilled their law. Praise our God who perfectly practices love, righteousness, and justice. -Pastor Andrew