Sinners by Nature

The message God had for his people here in Jeremiah has brought us to an intense discussion on the true nature of our hearts. We are guilty sinners by nature. During this discussion we have also had our eyes opened to the truth that God feels very strongly about our sin, he considers it spiritual adultery or leaving the One True God, whom we are in covenant with, and running to the attention and affection of other gods. God’s people are not only guilty as individuals; they were guilty of these things as a whole Nation. Yet the most egregious part of the whole situation is actually the perspective God’s people had on their actions and their own righteousness. In a very similar way, the greatest of our problems today is our sin and the only solution to this problem is a humble confession and repentance where we begin to agree with what God’s Word says is true about the nature of humanity. If we deny our own guilt, and begin to lie to ourselves about our lack of innocence then we will be unable to proceed with the solution to sin. I pray God would work on our hearts today and Truth would prevail.  -Pastor Andrew