The beginning of the answer to the destruction of sin was made clear by Jeremiah last week. We must agree with what the Bible says is the condition of our hearts as fallen human beings. From this realization we can continue on to the only answer, the Bible calls it repentance. To repent of something is to turn away from or to begin walking in the opposite direction. Therefore the calling of God here in Jeremiah is for his people to agree with God’s verdict of them and turn away from the guilty actions beginning to walk in the opposite direction. The humility, honesty, and commitment to righteousness involved in this crucial act provide what is necessary for new growth to sprout from what has been burned by the fire of sin. It is obvious God here is telling the Truth with a heavy heart because the one word he uses to call for repentance is “return”. This means come back to what we once enjoyed. Repentance is a word that allows for restoration. Through repentance God is restoring the perfection he created in the beginning that has been destroyed by sin. What is in need of this process in your life today? -Pastor Andrew