Characteristics of True Repentance

The prophet Jeremiah has forced us to study the biblically crucial topic of repentance here in chapter 3. Repentance is a spiritual matter. There is no context or room for this word outside of Biblical perspective and instruction. The battle for repentance and restoration happens within the heart and is a fierce battle that demands intentional and intense warfare. As we continue through Jeremiah chapter 3 and into chapter 4 the words of the prophet help us by providing tangible and practical characteristics of true repentance. If repentance is the only answer to sin and the only pathway from God to restoration as sons and daughters, then we must ask, what are the characteristics of true repentance? The Bible answers this question this way: knowledge and confession that only God saves, a humble and honest understanding of our dishonor and shame from sin, and a commitment to truth, righteousness, and justice. Salvation has been prepared beforehand for all those who would believe on the Son of God, Jesus Christ. This does not remove the difficult task of repentance, but it does provide hope for those who walk through the difficulties of this task. We can rest assured, as our God is faithful, every sinner who genuinely repents and believes on the name of Jesus Christ will be saved!  -Pastor Andrew