The People and the Trials that Strengthen Us

I believe we serve a God who is active and working all the time, He does not take breaks or let things slip through the cracks. There is such hope to be found in the God who is over all things and has a purpose and a plan for each life. During our season of Thanksgiving it is important to remember this Truth. The works of God that will turn into praise and thanksgiving back to Him from Psalm 145:10 are not limited to the comfortable and kind things God blesses us with. This Thanksgiving we must spend some time remembering God is the God who works all things for the good for those who love Him and are called according to His purposes (Romans 8:28). The nuts and bolts of this passage means we must give thanks for even the hard, uncomfortable, and challenging things God allows in our lives because we believe He has a greater purpose for our good in our suffering. This week I pray we are all challenged as we begin to give thanks for our trials and BOTH the people who may have caused those trials and/or helped us through these trials, because we see the that we have come out of them stronger together in our faith in our Sovereign God. -Pastor Andrew