Every Spiritual Blessing

I have truly been struck with joy this week over the fact that we now enter the same month that possesses our Thanksgiving celebration. Once again I have a strong appeal to you to be intentional and committed to truly be thankful this year. I pray God will move us from mere lip service and engage the only arena that can express thankfulness, our human heart. The first place to focus our attention is within the area most unseen. Ephesians 1 says God has blessed us in Christ with “every spiritual blessing”. What are those things unseen and in some cases un-noticed in our lives that God has given us that are not material or physical? What do you and I spiritually benefit from each day through the power of Jesus Christ and his love, mercy, and grace? This is a good place to start our month of thanksgiving, but more importantly knowing what Jesus Christ has given us spiritually will put what God does or does not give us materially and physically into proper perspective. I pray you are challenged this morning, and all month, to be thankful and to express this thankfulness from the bottom of your heart to the Lord God Almighty.  -Pastor Andrew