Waiting in Anticipation

This time of the year is filled with much celebration and rightfully so, there is much to celebrate. Along with the celebration it is also filled with much waiting in anticipation. Families enjoy decorating the house inside and out but then are forced to wait for the day of celebration to come. I believe a time of waiting and anticipation is an extremely appropriate experience at Christmas. The birth of King Jesus was announced hundreds of years before his arrival and the people of God spent their entire lives waiting for the arrival of the promised Messiah. In comparison, the dozens of days we wait to open our presents seems insignificant and short. Jesus is a worthy Savior who is and was worth the wait. Unlike other royal descendants King Jesus' reign will last forever and there is no need for another. Therefore, all the waiting and eager longing has been met by a satisfying Savior who takes away our need to wait to have relationship with God forever. As we focus our attention on God's supernatural work of being born as a baby I pray we worship and honor God who had this planned from the foundation of the world.  -Pastor Andrew