God's Physical and Material Blessings

As we approach Thanksgiving, I pray God will move us from mere lip service and engage the only arena that can express thankfulness, our human heart. The next place to focus our attention is within God’s Providence. It is important we talk about the physical blessings of God this week because it follows our discussion about God’s spiritual blessings from last week, putting them into proper perspective. Knowing what Jesus Christ has given us spiritually will put what God does or does not give us materially and physically into proper perspective. God is our provider and our protector. It certainly pleases our Heavenly Father to give His children good things and nobody gives good things better than our Creator God. To fully understand and gain the blessing of God we are not only to see ourselves as recipients of these blessings, but also as a possible conduit for his physical blessings into the lives of others. I pray you are challenged all month to be thankful and to express this thankfulness from the bottom of your heart to the Lord God Almighty.  -Pastor Andrew