Worship Christ, not ourselves

The King of Kings, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace was announced to be born in Bethlehem and rule, not only over Israel, but all the Nations. Christmas each year is an opportunity to see the Truth of Isaiah 60:1-3, that all the nations and all the people living in darkness will see the light of Israel which is for the whole world and come out of their darkness into God’s marvelous light. One common mistake we are prone to making as human beings is to believe that all this was done “for us”. I do not mean to say that you and I do not benefit from this King being born to bring salvation, but I do not believe we are the point of this moment at all and neither does the Bible. The point of Christmas is worship of Christ. It was this way from the beginning. God knows that the best thing for our lives is to worship Him and therefore he provides the Savior on Christmas that makes that possible. Worship surrounded Jesus from birth, it is not an accident that among those to come and worship Him early on were shepherds AND kings from the east. Come all, as you are, no matter who you are to worship Christ the King! However, do not come with mere words, if you come, do so with your hearts and lives. Come and find God’s peace and freedom from living a life with you and I at the center of it. -Pastor Andrew