As we have looked at Psalm 37 we have discussed some very crucial basic practices of the believer. These have included: waiting patiently on the Lord and being still before Him, Making the Lord the delight of our lives, placing complete trust in God alone, recognizing all we have comes from God and giving back to Him, and having our pattern of living being aligned with God’s cadence. All of these are extremely important foundational principles for every believer, but this Psalm ends with the most foundational Truth that guides the believer’s life. The salvation of the righteous is from the Lord! I pray each of us not only proclaims this with our mouth but we fully believe it in our heart as well. I pray we are so confident of this fact that we live like it is true in all we do. I pray the church would experience the secure freedom in knowing that no matter what, our salvation is from the Lord and nothing in this world will ever take that away. Let this essential foundational Truth permeate through your entire life!    - Pastor Andrew