Along with the ability and practice of being still before the Lord and waiting patiently on him, Psalms 37 teaches the foundational principle of being generous. Those who are righteous understand that they have been immeasurably blessed even if they have minimal possessions. They recognize what is most valuable, namely, the mercy and fellowship with the Lord, and they in turn are generous with what they have because of the generosity first shown to them. As we talk about this topic that is addressed here I pray our meekness, trust, and commitment to the Lord will cause us to see that everything we have comes from God alone and thus we will respond with generosity. God is faithful to uphold those who are committed to Him. His provision and upholding frees us up to generously give back to God through the money, time, and service we give to and through the church. I trust you will honestly approach the question Psalm 37 clearly is asking, have you been generous in giving back to the Lord?     - Pastor Andrew