Perseverance & Endurance

We discussed light last week. Specifically how God is the source of both spiritual and physical light in the world and how He commands those who believe in Him to reflect his light into the darkness through the way we live. Relating to this topic I believe very few people in all of history have been called to this in a more difficult situation than the prophet Jeremiah. Part of reflecting light into a dark world is speaking the Truth even when it is painful. Jeremiah was called and commissioned by God to do this exact thing. As we begin studying the words of this great prophet I want to highlight one thing. Jeremiah has been called by many “the weeping prophet” for good reason but even through the weeping Jeremiah displayed great endurance and perseverance. I believe we too will be asked to some degree to show the perseverance and endurance Jeremiah displays among the community and society in which we live. Therefore it brings me great excitement to begin this long journey of studying this prophesy together I pray the Lord will bless you in and through it for the purpose of being a blessing to others around you.   - Pastor Andrew