Formed Us & Knew Us (before our birth)

I cannot think of a better beginning to any act of service for the Lord than God admitting He had formed us and knew us before our births to be set a part for this distinct purpose. The specific task God called him to is the part unique to Jeremiah, this means God knows all of us and formed all of us in the womb even though He does not call us to the same things as Jeremiah. If this is hard for you to believe, then I say join the club. There are some very distinguished members of this club, including Jeremiah himself. Actually our reluctance and belief that we are not sufficiently qualified to do what God is asking of us is further evidence of God’s calling. Any deficiency we may have will be highlighted and used by God to show He is the one really working and therefore He only deserves the honor and glory. God is serious and very skilled at taking weak broken vessels and creating beautiful things from them all for the glory of His name. I plead with you this morning to investigate and realize you have been called by God. The first step to following this in obedience is the pursuit of holiness.  -Pastor Andrew