Psalms holds one of the best direct inferences to Jesus in all of the Old Testament. Beginning with Psalm 22 Jesus is clearly depicted as the servant of God who suffers on behalf of His people, then in Psalm 23 the Lord is displayed as a shepherd giving His sheep exactly what they need, and finally in Psalm 24 the Lord is clearly described as the Creator of all things and the rightful King of glory coming to reign. I desire to use Psalm 24 this Sunday to answer this question: Why is God worthy of our worship? God is completely set apart from anything down here yet he willingly involves himself in this place and in our lives despite sin’s stain. In Psalm 24 the truth of God’s forgiveness and grace through Jesus’s death and resurrection meets the truth that nobody is worthy to ascend on the hill of the Lord and stand in his holiness. I pray you will see that there truly is no-one like our God! He is one of a kind and the only God who is powerful and gracious enough to help the sinful condition of men and women.    - Pastor Andrew