Seeing Clearly

From this point on in the book of Jeremiah we will see word pictures and symbolic language that detail Jeremiah’s prophecy. God is putting grand truths in picture form for Jeremiah, his listeners, and now us, his readers. The words of Jeremiah now take us to two such visions from God both with huge meaning for the task laid before the prophet. The first vision clearly points to God as the one accomplishing the work of His word, and the second clearly speaks to the future actions of a just God upon His people who have profaned his name and worshiped other gods. More remarkable to me than these two visions in themselves is the simple phrase God declares regarding Jeremiah, “You have seen well”. This phrase separates Jeremiah from the norm of the culture at the time and it shows that Jeremiah possesses the spiritual eyes on top of his physical ones required in order to see what God, is doing and has done, clearly. Are we seeing clearly? How well do we see the things of God and what He is doing? Among all the garbage and filth present in this world, I pray we will see clearly the Truth of God’s Word and be agents of proclamation to the lost world around us.   -Pastor Andrew