Frustrated & Overwhelmed

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by what you knew God was leading you to do? I believe if we are truly listening to God’s voice we will find ourselves in this position more time than our comfort would like to admit. We are frustrated and overwhelmed most when we assume things about our circumstances and situations that are not true. God clears up two of our most common assumptions in His words to Jeremiah at the end of chapter 1. God clearly points out what he expects of Jeremiah and compared to what He was planning to do Jeremiah is asked to do very little. Perhaps we feel overwhelmed sometimes because we assume God’s work upon ourselves and forget about the simplistic things God has asked us to do. Sometimes we can get overwhelmed and frustrated because we incorrectly believe God is supposed to remove all battles from our lives creating a reality with our own comfort at the center. I pray Truth would instruct our hearts and we would move forward only assuming what God has said is True so our frustrations can be replaced by faith.  -Pastor Andrew