Time to speak Truth

Jeremiah chapter 2 marks the beginning of the prophet’s preaching. All of the words of God up to this point have been for Jeremiah’s ears to prepare him for the task that God was calling him to, now comes the time for Jeremiah to speak in the town square, the street, the meeting places, and to all whom God sent him to. God tells Jeremiah to proclaim these words “in the hearing of Jerusalem”. This means all of Israel was to hear the message God has for them through the Prophet Jeremiah. This is the nature of God’s Word. It is applicable and relevant for all people. Its message is to be heard by and proclaimed to all people. The Word of God also always speaks the Truth and the Truth is not always good news but the very fact that it is true makes it beneficial and good for our souls. As we study chapter 2 of Jeremiah we will have our eyes opened to the reality that we too, like the Israelites of old, are a wandering people who have disobeyed the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. While the Word of God is for all people, not everyone will see its Truth and be transformed by it. Oh that you and I would be transformed even by the hard Truth that we have sinned against Almighty God.  -Pastor Andrew