Ukraine Debriefing

As we reflect on the trip I had the privilege to take to Ukraine, I want to thank you all for your support in prayer, finances, and care for my family as I was away. One of the difficult realities I am facing today is the fact that these pictures are so limited in their ability to describe what I witnessed. No amount of story telling will be able to fully communicate the lessons I learned, even so, I pray God might preserve just one for us to learn from here in Atwater. God is working in a powerful way in Ukraine among very faithful servants. At the very least, as a result of these pictures and words I hope you are inspired to follow Christ to a greater degree than ever before and to begin to pray about how God would have you join in what He is doing all over the world including right here at home. May God create a body of believers here who are unashamed in our worship, not distracted in our service, and unafraid in our answer to his calling. -Pastor Andrew