Guilt's Stain

Jeremiah chapter 2 marks the beginning of the prophet’s preaching beginning with God’s honest approach to the guilty verdict in His court that each one of us as human beings deserve. If we were to be honest as God exemplifies here we would have to admit that the verses of Jeremiah 2:13 ring true about our souls, we too have forsaken our Creator and Lord who possesses living water and ran to our own man-made cisterns that are broken and hold no water. One thing that is true about God and always will be is his goodness. He brought his people out of slavery in Egypt, gave them a land of their own and planted them as a “choice vine”. Yet even so, God’s people rather than repenting and turning from their sin would sooner turn to the very Nation that God brought them out of when they were enslaved. The stain of guilt upon His people, and upon us, is a stain that would still be before God regardless of all human effort to wash it clean. Only God could act to cleanse this stain. Only He would have what is necessary to wash us white. Praise God that our rebellion against him and our spiritual adultery does not change that fact that God is good!  -Pastor Andrew