A Question of Ownership

I remember my two brothers and I feeling the need and the urge to separate ourselves from our parents and become our own independent man. There is a lot of beauty in this pursuit and I believe it is a righteous goal from God’s Word (Gen. 2:24). Yet in the midst of this what we could not do is deny or abandon the Truth that we were our parent’s sons. They were intricately involved in bringing us into this world and they nurtured us to the point that we could become individual men. Nothing we could ever do would change this fact. Similarly, as we move through Jeremiah let us remember how the prophecy began, namely, God claiming ownership on Jeremiah AND all other created beings (Jeremiah 1:5). Nothing we could ever do will change the fact that we are owned by our Creator. Every human life is known by God before they even began to be formed in their mother's womb. He claims complete ownership on our lives. Even more amazing, like the prophet Hosea shows us, God paid the price to buy what he had originally owned back from the penalty and punishment of sin by sending his Son, Jesus Christ, to die the death you and I rightfully deserved. No matter how we look, who else we run to, or our earthly possessions, we are owned by God and True, abundant life can ONLY be found in Him. -Pastor Andrew