Our God Intervenes

Jeremiah’s prophesy has brought us to the study of a few very deep but real things. Last week we looked at God’s proclamation that there would be desolation as a result of the sin and adultery of His people but God would not make a full end. The picture of this given to us in Isaiah (17:6) is that of the harvest that comes through and wipes out the fruit but there is always some that remain on the branches or in the field. This remnant is what God uses to produce from it something better, filled with more life and fruit than what was there before. To this thought one might ask, “why the destruction at all?” why can’t God just produce better fruit without any desolation?” To answer this question God appeals to the righteous process of discipline and in so doing takes us to yet again another deep and challenging study. Studying the word God uses here that is translated “punish” can enlighten fully what God is doing here and clear up any misconceptions about the process. Even if we have been incorrectly taught from the examples of discipline of our earthly parents, we can see the intent of God here and begin to learn to trust that God’s desire is to intervene in our lives in such a way that He successfully changes our course of action. This is the wonder and gift of God’s discipline.  - Pastor Andrew