Both Righteous Judge AND Merciful Savior

Let the day of Jeremiah’s prophesy teach us a lesson in the midst of our day. The only difference between the time of Jeremiah’s day and ours is their relationship with God depended on the future coming Messiah, our relationship with God is based on the Messiah who has come. At this point in Jeremiah 4 God knew there would be no repentance from his people and thus proclaims the judgment that is to come from the North to leave his people and their land desolate. An amazing Truth about God here is that even though this judgement has been passed down from God He still proclaimed a sincere calling of repentance and stood ready to extend incredible grace. Both, the righteous judgment and the incredible grace are realities of God’s nature and therefore will never change. This is how he relates to us today as well. Jesus says in John 3, everyone who does not believe in the Son of God is condemned already, yet each day is filled with the most compassionate opportunity for repentance as an extension of God’s grace which means the only question that matters in light of the fact that God’s people from Jeremiah did not repent is… what is our response to God’s gracious calling of mercy in the midst of our guilt?  -Pastor Andrew