An appalling and horrible thing

Out of all the things God points to that is happening in the land in verse 8 and verses 21-28 of Jeremiah chapter 5, God stops and declares in verse 30 that an especially appalling and horrible things has happened in the land. The answer to what this thing is might be somewhat of a surprise to our eyes as we read it in comparison to all the other things mentioned. I believe that this surprise reveals a problem with what we see as most important in this life. This is not to say that the lusty stallions who neigh after their neighbors wife, or the wicked actions of wicked men in the land is not important, surely these things are detestable before God and fully deserving of justice to be done, but the overwhelming message of the Bible and of verse 30 and 31 of Jeremiah 5 is that the things of the Spirit are deeper than the things of the flesh. Certainly the power of the Spirit can overcome the evil desires of the flesh, therefore any wrongdoing in the Spiritual process of God’s people having right relationship with Him bears more significance and weight. I pray the Holy Spirit of God will help us to see it is the Spiritual realities that fully give life and when our life is falling apart it is the spiritual reality of our worship and relationship with God through Jesus that must be addressed first and foremost. - Pastor Andrew