The contemplative life is hard work

God says there is value in the contemplation of my path, where I am going, who I am listening to, where I want to be in the future. He says there is laid before us a great guide in the good way that has endured the test of time and promises to carry us through as well. God’s teaching through His prophet Jeremiah “Stand by the roads, and look,…” certainly falls under the category of easier said than done. Unfortunately the work that is necessary to accomplishing this task is harder and greater than we are willing to go through in most cases. Careful study and consideration of this teaching reveals the process to fully contemplate the path of our feet involves a humility and honesty in some of the toughest areas for us to display these two characteristics. I believe the prize or motivation for going through this work is given among the same verse, namely, “rest for your souls.” As disciples of Christ let us fix our eyes on the glorious gift of God, his rest, rather than the tough tasks He asks us to go through in order to obtain it. I pray the Holy Spirit will not only provide us with His rest but also be the strength by which we take the practical steps of “looking” at the path we are following with our life.  -Pastor Andrew