Saying "I will not" to God

The final week of investigation of verses 16 and 17 of Jeremiah 6 reveal’s yet another phenomenal Truth. As we have mentioned already, the honest and humble investigation of our path requires hard work and tough questions, yet it is through this tough work that we have revealed for us the good path, the one that endures throughout the test of time. Having this path revealed to us leads to God’s command to “walk in it”, but God goes much deeper and greater than simply giving us this command, I believe God makes the case in the following verses that all the evil, despair, anguish, and pain comes from the willing decision to not follow these ways. Everything we read in the rest of chapter 6, the beginning of chapter 7, and beyond all stems from a singular place, the phrase “But they said, we will not…” If this is true, and I submit that it is, it is good news in the fact that the brokenness and disobedience we experience in our lives can be traced back to one place instead of a variety of many places. What or where have you said “I will not” to the path and way of God Almighty? A heavy dose of repentance, Christ’s forgiveness, mercy, and grace is needed here to produce obedience. I pray we would all experience this process in our lives beyond anything we would understand or fathom. -Pastor Andrew