A Proven Path

Have you ever been in a situation where you doubted that God can speak to you, or at least longed to be sure that He had spoken to you? I believe that the key here when we are in this situation is to focus more on what God has already said than on what we expect Him to say in the here and now. We can find these things in His Word. For anybody who doubts that God has communicated to us or even doubts that He exists at all, Jeremiah clearly points out beginning in chapter 6 that God speaks up. Seven times in this chapter Jeremiah makes reference to what the Lord says. Honestly, many of the things God says here is a repeat of what He has already spoken to his people about the coming discipline caused by their actions of disobedience, but one specific thing God says is infinitely valuable for anybody in the circumstance described above. God says there is value in the contemplation of my path, where I am going, who I am listening to, where I want to be in the future. He says there is laid before us a great guide in the good way that has endured the test of time and promises to carry us through as well. I assure you the benefits of this path are too priceless to miss out on them, even if it costs you. -Pastor Andrew