Worship in Spirit and Truth

Many times in the Old Testament Prophets there is a reference to the unsatisfactory nature of the sacrificial system. The point God is makes by bringing this up is that the sacrificial system was always designed to only be a picture of two things. First, to show the guilt of sin in the lives of His people, and second, to clearly depict the appropriate price this guilt required to be paid. Therefore, to participate in the sacrificial system at this time, without fully seeing and understanding these two things was to strip the whole process of its God intended purposes. Not much has changed today, as human beings we are tempted with the same thing, namely, to lose sight of the ultimate purposes of God in our lives for the sake of the various activities designed to point to them. We tend to believe all is well in God’s eyes as long as I keep doing the “right things” even though what is going on in my heart is a disaster. God is after our Spiritual worship of Him (John 4:24) and if we lose sight of this because of our focus on mere physical action we are not where He wants us to be no matter how good we become at doing the “right things”. I believe we must ask God to grant us the proper understanding of what He desires to work in our hearts that goes far beyond merely changing outward behavior. -Pastor Andrew