Awakening of Worship

God often reminds us so very clearly of the teaching of His word in the exact way it is needed most. As chapter 7 of Jeremiah opens up God makes the case that through the actions of His people the phrase “this is the Temple of the Lord” became deceptive, for it is the people and nothing in the building that constitutes or defines Christ’s Church. As we reflect upon the Truth of these words in our lives and their relevance among our current context and circumstances, verse 16 of chapter 7 provides an opportunity to study an essential attribute of God separating Him from each one of us, and talk about the sufficiency of Christ in our lives today. As we discuss these things I pray an awakening of worship will result in each of our hearts. Let us stand amazed today as we look deeply into God’s foreknowledge and the satisfaction of all our needs by our great Savior and Lord Jesus Christ. -Pastor Andrew