Faith energized by love is all that matters

The energy by which we put our faith into practice is love. Just like Jeremiah prophesied many years before God is not worshiped and glorified by our mere adherence to ceremonies and practices of the law. He is worshiped and glorified through the transformation of our hearts through faith in Jesus Christ. This transformation will always result in a life lived in obedience to the Father and acts of love towards Him and others. This was the commandment God gave His people when He called them out of Egypt before all the law was written and it has always been the goal of God for our lives as disciples of Him. To miss this point can confuse us and leave us frustrated like the older brother in Jesus’ parable of the prodigal son. If love is the energy by which we do everything else then it would make sense that Jesus would teach us the greatest commandments are to love God with all we are and love others as ourselves. Our task as a disciple of Christ is to grow in these two commandments and putting them into effect in the world around us, not the legalistic practice of religious rituals. I pray the Holy Spirit will give us the wisdom to know the difference and to humbly repent where necessary. -Pastor Andrew