The Helper

One final Sermon on living our faith out through love provides an opportunity to preach in the person of the Holy Spirit for it is only through the Holy Spirit of God any disciple has the ability to practice genuine faith through genuine love. Both incorrect teaching about the Holy Spirit and complete omission of teaching about the Holy Spirit are serious mistakes with substantial consequences. Paul says we cannot know the mind and thoughts of God without God’s Spirit inside of us (1 Corinthians 2:11) and I would say the same consequence would be present upon believing and teaching things that are contrary to who the Holy Spirit is according to Scripture. Thus, the ability to understand correctly and abide in the Holy Spirit’s work is essential for any believer who desires to follow God and obey his commandments. If it is truly your desire to move from religious ritual into an active faith energized by love, the Holy Spirit of God must be involved and called upon to help. We must know Him, understand His leading, and be filled by Him throughout our entire day. As we learn about the Holy Spirit I pray the Son would be lifted up and the Father would be exalted in this church.  -Pastor Andrew