Idol worship has soaked in

In Jeremiah 7:16 God clearly commands Jeremiah to no intercede, bring supplication, or mediate between Him and His people Israel. This is a unique verse because this is not a usual command of God. The “foreknown” Messiah, Son of God, is sufficiently serving these roles currently for His people. God has provided all that is needed for His people to live with Him in eternal relationship. The question for today is what were the circumstances of the time that God gave this unusual command to Jeremiah? The issue was not idolatry alone, although this was happening and provoking God’s anger, it was the nature in which the idolatry was taking place. God points out that the idolatry involved the whole family, and it involved everyday activities formerly designed for the enjoyment and worship of God, but now these activities were being used for the worship of other gods. The evil, sin, and wrongdoing permeated into the fabric of the foundational things God created for the continued worship of His name. As we look around today I pray we are challenged to step in and end this same process from happening in our lives. I pray we can, with the help of the Holy Spirit, begin to redeem the things God created for good and use them for the purposes He intended them. -Pastor Andrew