God changed our access to Him

We turn our attention to the events that changed everything. Even a minimal amount of reflection reveals the reality that the events of Easter are significant beyond our comprehension. The Truth of the matter is that these events changed the world. On the surface it looks like a common criminal who may or may not have deserved it being put to death, but a little investigation reveals a clear plan and purpose from a higher authority and power. Jesus’ resurrection proves He was not a common criminal but God in human flesh. God entered into the world in its current hopeless state and changed the trajectory of all humanity by being the answer when there was not another. Moving towards Easter, we will look at a few of the major things Jesus Christ changed through His death and resurrection. The final change we will study is the most important. At the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ we have gained full access to the Father through Him. The curtain of the Temple tearing from top to bottom (Matthew 27:51) is an event filled with meaning for even us today. No longer are we dependent upon another human being to meet with our Creator. Through the blood of Jesus God has made Himself available to anybody at any time. I pray we all would reflect on this indescribable blessing and take full advantage of it today and every day to come.  -Pastor Andrew