The "true light" lives and Exposes all things

The Tenebrae Service means "a service of shadows". It is designed to make darkness an important part of the service. Therefore we begin the service while the sun is setting and the candles are lit but end the service with the sun set completely and all the candles extinguished. These simple steps add a visual aid to the reality that set in the day Jesus was crucified. The Gospel of John calls Jesus in John chapter 1, "the true light, which gives light to everyone". This "true light" was brutally murdered on that day resulting in a darkness unlike any other. I say all this to say that the depths of this darkness was equally met with the significance of the light that appeared once again on Easter. When Jesus rose again He proved once and for all that the darkness will always be over matched by the light. One more thought on the resurrection we must discuss is the effects of this light upon our lives. If the "true light" now lives again he lives to expose all darkness, even that which may exist inside of us. I am challenged, and pray you are too, to welcome Jesus' light into the dark places of our hearts. Welcomed or not, the Truth of God's Word clearly states that all will be eventually exposed by the true light. May God grant us to live our lives as open books before our Creator and be mirrors of His light into the lives of others. -Pastor Andrew