Wisdom's True Purpose

Last week, looking back at Jeremiah, God took notice of the fact that even though His people fall and rise again in other aspects of life, when it applies to their knowledge and relationship with God and actions they take from this relationship, His people ignore God’s warning and continue in perpetual disobedience. God says a similar thing takes place among His people this week within the topic of wisdom. The claim of God’s word is that all wisdom is found in God alone. Wisdom is the blessing of God that comes more increasingly the more we understand, submit, and obey how God created the world to work. A wisdom that merely studies and learns for selfish gain and does not end on knowing and obeying God is a counterfeit wisdom unable to accomplish its God ordained purposes in our lives. Wisdom accompanied by rejection of the Lord proves itself to be unwise. I pray God would take us from living in our own understanding and pursuits into trusting in His understanding so we can grow in God’s wisdom and more importantly the benefits of it in our lives. I pray at the end of the storm we will have proven our lives are built upon the solid rock of God’s wisdom in His Word.  -Pastor Andrew