Jesus Christ, Faith, and Repentance

It is not a coincidence that we find the Scripture of Jeremiah’s prophesy still challenging us in a very relevant way today even though it was written and spoken to a Nation not our own in a time period much earlier than ours. We have not arrived at a more righteous age or a more spiritually awakened reality today than what has been experienced in past human history. Nor have we “moved on” as human beings from the struggles of the past as if we are able to master our sin on our own strength. The truth is human beings are prone to break the commands and laws of God and therefore we have the same realities true today that were true in Jeremiah’s day. In fact, the only reason we have not been given the exact same words of prophesy saying the nation from the North is coming is because we have been given the message of the New Testament instead! In light of this reality we all must stand amazed at how great our Savior Jesus Christ truly is. The difference in experience between God and His people in Jeremiah’s day and our own is not because we have changed, and it is not because God has changed, it is because the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus Christ changes everything for those who believe in Him through faith. During our day, and all other days until Jesus comes again, the patience of God is on display for repentance to be true in our lives thus bringing salvation from an eternal separation from God.  -Pastor Andrew