A Persistently Gracious God

Several things are astonishing as we turn our attention once again to the book of Jeremiah. If you will remember one of the final things God said before we began to focus on Jesus’s death and resurrection was in Jeremiah 7:27, “You shall speak all these words to them, but they will not listen to you”. In so many ways this reality defined the prophecy of Jeremiah. Yet in the middle of this reality filled with loneliness and sorrow, verse 4 of chapter 8 shows God saying this, “You shall say to them”. This portion of Jeremiah teaches us that we are prone to ignoring the clear messages of God. As human beings we are eager to run towards selfish pursuits and ignore the calling of God to bring us back to what is True, Right, and Good for us. Just as clearly as this portion of Jeremiah teaches this, it also reveals a loving God who continues to call out to His people. The approach and attitude of God is not one of abandonment because of our ignorant selfishness, but rather, it is an attitude of endurance, patience, and persistence. Even in the end in Revelation 11 there are two witnesses sent by God who tirelessly and persistently preach the Gospel for salvation to all who would hear. As the conduit for the Word of God to be spoken to His people Jeremiah felt the weight of this Godly characteristic. He was asked to act like God as he told the Truth with a heavy heart. - Pastor Andrew