Everything Praiseworthy is From God

Perhaps you have begun to feel the weight of the Truth that has been spoken so far in Jeremiah’s prophesy. Truly understanding even something as simplistic as mourning being the proper response to the separation from God caused by our sin is significant enough to change the way we live. I believe what follows in verses 23-24 of chapter 9 are verses intended to get to the depths of the weight of all this Truth that has been shared. As God reigns we are His creation and as such we will never be greater than the Creator. Every praiseworthy and good thing we possess originated in and was given by our Creator God. Even deeper is the Truth that we did nothing to deserve or warrant these gifts from Him. We must be convinced that the greatest of praiseworthy things possible in our lives is our knowledge and understanding of God as He says He is. To the degree we have this we also have Truth. The more Truth we have the more we understand nothing else in this world matters in comparison. At the end of the day the only thing that will matter is the condition of our hearts. In this day nothing else will be of any importance, including for these Jews, their physical circumcision which fulfilled their law. Praise our God who perfectly practices love, righteousness, and justice. -Pastor Andrew