Know Truth, Know God

Observe if you will the contrast God makes clear here in chapter 9. I have entitled our study through Jeremiah “Telling the Truth with a Heavy Heart” because this is exactly what God is doing through His prophet Jeremiah. God can be trusted to always tell us what is true because he is Truth. Yet what God says here in chapter 9 is that his people have walked away from all Truth. He says “falsehood and not truth has grown strong in the land”. The problem we run into when we begin to compare our sin to that of another is that we lose sight of the greater truth about sin, namely, all of it equally separates us from God. The beginning point of not knowing God here is the rejection of truth. Falsehood may not be at the top of our lists of critical or “big” sins but anytime I embrace something that is false I cannot at the same time embrace God because He is Truth. It is no wonder we read in these verses “and they do not know me, declares the Lord”. This shocking confession from God began in the hearts of His people when they began to reject the Truth and embrace falsehood. May we be a people among our families and in our communities who are committed to the Truth of the Bible and stand by it during all times and circumstances.  -Pastor Andrew