Symptoms of a Circumcised Heart

If you will remember back in Jeremiah chapter 4, in the middle of a His calling for repentance God pleads with His people to “circumcise themselves to the Lord” and “remove the foreskin of your hearts”. Even at this point in the Old Testament God is making clear to His people that His people are defined not through outward religious practices but rather the internal transformation of all that we desire, are motivated by, and long to see take place, the changing of our heart from death to life. Therefore the last verse of chapter 9 states that the ones who are merely circumcised in the flesh, in other words, the ones whose hearts are not transformed in this way, will be punished along the same lines as those who are uncircumcised at all. God’s Word does not leave us to our own effort in understanding what it means to have a circumcised heart. God gives us a clear indication of the symptoms of a circumcised heart and I believe He would desire we challenge our understanding of the condition of our hearts with these symptoms with the goal of being completely honest before Him. I pray we would be convicted if our relationship with God is merely customs and religious expressions instead of transforming acts from a circumcised heart. -Pastor Andrew