A Life On Mission

There is still one more “symptom” of a circumcised heart we must discuss this morning and it comes at a God appointed time. The heart that understands who God is and what He has done for it will be focused and committed to accomplishing what God has wanted from that heart from the beginning. I believe the heart that is circumcised as we have been talking about in Jeremiah would believe that there is nothing more important to accomplish in life than what God desires to see happen. God has not been quiet or secretive about what He desires to be accomplished. He has been up front and clear about his mission and goal for our lives. I trust that we will see this mission for what it is today, namely, not optional, not burdensome or intimidating, not inconvenient, but instead it is the only avenue that leads to True meaning in life. God’s mission is self-satisfying and joyful as we are carried along in it by the Holy Spirit. We have found this to be true this week in our Vacation Bible School at Heller park. All God is looking for is heart that is obedient and open from its transforming circumcision and He has a tendency to take care of the rest. Oh that we would pray for God to awaken and transform our hearts in this manner so we can begin to live with His Kingdom as our goal and prize -Pastor Andrew