Truth in Love

God can be trusted to always tell us what is true because he is Truth. Yet what God says is that his people have walked away from all Truth. If walking away from Truth truly moves us away from knowing God then we must understand the importance of living a life of honesty and Truth. We must be a people and a Church committed to forsaking all falsehood and embracing the Truth. Here is why this is hard. Truth, much like God, is an all or nothing reality. I am a man of complete Truth or I am a man of falsehood. I have either been truthful about that situation or, by leaving out even one detail, I have told what was false.  We must be willing to accept ALL Truth in order to fully benefit from it. Rather than only desiring it when it is comfortable for us. I pray the relationship we have with Truth or falsehood would be challenged by the Holy Spirit. That we would see that all of us have work to do in this area and that we would be courageous enough to begin studying and walking out God’s Word in our lives to grow in Truth. The motivation of God’s complete honesty comes down to the edifying and encouraging love of God that is meant to build us and place us in a context that we currently could not fathom. Come let us trust our Savior today enough to accept and practice his complete honesty in love.  -Pastor Andrew