Creator, God

Even our best attempts to imagine the power on display at the Creation of the world will fall incredibly short because we lack the capability to understand something outside of our experience. As human beings we only have the ability to study what we observe right in front of us and cannot fathom the moment everything we see came into existence. It was a mightier power than any storm, waterfall, or earthquake. It was more precise as any computer, surgery, or work of art. At the hand of God all the wonders of the earth and the heavens came into existence, intricately woven together in full majesty all for the glorious worship of God. Among the comparison in Jeremiah chapter 10 we find that nobody or nothing else can rightfully claim the act of creation as their own and in knowing this we see yet more evidence supporting verse 6’s claim, “There is none like you, O Lord”.

Let’s be honest, nothing else we make a habit of worshiping in our hearts is worthy of this effort. All our time, all our skills or gifts, and even our resources fully and rightfully belong to the Creator of heaven and earth. It is an honor to bring these things to Him as often as we do in our humble worship. Come let us bow down before our Maker and begin asking Him what do YOU want with these things you have given me? Instead of how can I use what I have to make a name for myself? -Pastor Andrew