Truth by Comparison

I hope we are challenged even today by the three symptoms given last week of a circumcised heart, namely, humble repentance of our wrongdoing, seeing God for who He is and desiring further growth in Him, and the Holy Spirit’s leading work in obeying God’s voice and commands. Jeremiah continues to teach us the Truth and chooses to do so in Chapter 10 through comparison between the false god’s of the Nations and the One True God of Israel. When our hearts truly have been given to God there is no room for any other object of our worship and when we look at the Truth the comparison of these false gods with our One True God there appears to be zero reason any of us should desire to place our worship on anything else. Yet even still all too often we are distracted by the waves crashing around our attempt to walk on water towards Jesus and the allure of the shiny objects of this world that catch our eye that we attempt to squeeze some other “god” in our hearts next to the active, wise, alive, and all powerful Creator of the universe. I pray the Truth from the comparison out of Jeremiah 10:1-10 will be just what we need to awake us to the fact that we are guilty this morning and cause a great surrender during this time when we need it most to once again circumcise our hearts to our Almighty God. -Pastor Andrew