Psalms holds one of the best direct inferences to Jesus in all of the Old Testament. Beginning with Psalm 22 Jesus is clearly depicted as the servant of God who suffers on behalf of His people, then in Psalm 23 the Lord is displayed as a shepherd giving His sheep exactly what they need, and finally in Psalm 24 the Lord is clearly described as the Creator of all things and the rightful King of glory coming to reign. I desire to use Psalm 24 this Sunday to answer this question: Why is God worthy of our worship? God is completely set apart from anything down here yet he willingly involves himself in this place and in our lives despite sin’s stain. In Psalm 24 the truth of God’s forgiveness and grace through Jesus’s death and resurrection meets the truth that nobody is worthy to ascend on the hill of the Lord and stand in his holiness. I pray you will see that there truly is no-one like our God! He is one of a kind and the only God who is powerful and gracious enough to help the sinful condition of men and women.    - Pastor Andrew


As we have looked at Psalm 37 we have discussed some very crucial basic practices of the believer. These have included: waiting patiently on the Lord and being still before Him, Making the Lord the delight of our lives, placing complete trust in God alone, recognizing all we have comes from God and giving back to Him, and having our pattern of living being aligned with God’s cadence. All of these are extremely important foundational principles for every believer, but this Psalm ends with the most foundational Truth that guides the believer’s life. The salvation of the righteous is from the Lord! I pray each of us not only proclaims this with our mouth but we fully believe it in our heart as well. I pray we are so confident of this fact that we live like it is true in all we do. I pray the church would experience the secure freedom in knowing that no matter what, our salvation is from the Lord and nothing in this world will ever take that away. Let this essential foundational Truth permeate through your entire life!    - Pastor Andrew


One of the verses we looked at last week was Proverbs 16:8, “Better is little with righteousness than great revenues with injustice.” A life lived pursuing righteousness has innumerable benefits even within our finances. The next verse in Proverbs 16 says this, “The heart of man plans his way but the Lord establishes his steps.” What is the meaning of these words? What is the book of wisdom teaching here? God actively directs our paths. He sovereignly reigns over the daily happenings of our lives and he can be trusted to guide the very steps we take. The righteous have the privilege of walking on ground so secure that even when we fall we are upheld by the Lord. Living a life of discipleship means having a heart more and more aligned with the law of God so that when our hearts make plans they too align with where God has established our steps. The more of God and His law that is in our heart the more freedom we have to make decisions and plans and not slip because they will be guided by Him. I pray you are convinced of the value of growing in Jesus Christ as we worship him through song and proclaiming His Word.  - Pastor Andrew


Along with the ability and practice of being still before the Lord and waiting patiently on him, Psalms 37 teaches the foundational principle of being generous. Those who are righteous understand that they have been immeasurably blessed even if they have minimal possessions. They recognize what is most valuable, namely, the mercy and fellowship with the Lord, and they in turn are generous with what they have because of the generosity first shown to them. As we talk about this topic that is addressed here I pray our meekness, trust, and commitment to the Lord will cause us to see that everything we have comes from God alone and thus we will respond with generosity. God is faithful to uphold those who are committed to Him. His provision and upholding frees us up to generously give back to God through the money, time, and service we give to and through the church. I trust you will honestly approach the question Psalm 37 clearly is asking, have you been generous in giving back to the Lord?     - Pastor Andrew